How to treat scalp disorders ?

How to treat scalp disorders ?

Having alterations in the scalp is one of the most common problems in hair health. Especially alterations such as dandruff, peeling and itching. In this article, we interview David and Atilio Kunzle, brothers and owners of the David Kunzle classrooms (Madrid) to learn firsthand how they treat this pathology through the Biolage RAW product line

With Bioale RAW we provide our grain of sand for the care of the environment, we obtain great results offering an alternative to those people fleeing from conventional products.


How is your living room?

David Künzle rooms are spaces designed by design professionals. They seek the comfort of the client and the workers. They have a simple, elegant and cozy decoration, highlighting bamboo as the main decorative object.

Why did you decide to work with Biolage RAW?

The naturalness of the looks we create in terms of cut and color and respect for nature in all aspects is the main axis of our philosophy. Being ambassadors of Matrix we had the opportunity to meet the Biolage brand. With an identical philosophy to ours it was easy to opt for this line.

Do you think it is an added value to work with Biolage RAW in your classroom?

We believe that more and more customers are aware of the importance of organic and natural. Likewise, they value the philosophy of companies that care for the environment. For this, yes, we believe it is an added value.

What benefits would you highlight from working with professional products with ingredients of natural origin?

Mainly tranquility and satisfaction at the level of our conscience. We know that this is how we contribute our grain of sand to the care of the environment, since with these products we obtain great results without the need for so much chemistry that damages all levels, offering, in addition, an alternative to those people fleeing from conventional products .

In your professional career, what problems appear most frequently on the scalp?

The problems that we find most in the scalp are stiffness, scaling, dandruff, sensitivity, seborrhea and itching.

Why does irritation appear on the scalp and, consequently, these intolerable itching?

There are multiple factors, but we would say that it is mostly due to stress, pollution or the use of aggressive products.

What RAW treatment do you offer them in the classroom? What is this treatment?

We would recommend the range of Biolage RAW Scalp which consists mainly of 3 steps:

  1. Apply Rebalance Oil, with which we gently massage the hair leather before shampooing.
  2. Wash the hair with the Salicylic Acid Antidandruff shampoo from the RAW Scalp (anti-dandruff) range for gentle exfoliation.
  3. Apply the RAW Scalp Rebalance Conditioner to moisturize the hair without adding grease.

What ingredients of natural origin does this range contain and why are they important for the scalp?

This range mainly contains cedar wood, fennel, orange, lemon, willow bark, rosemary and coconut oil. These ingredients are ideal for soothing irritations and itching, reducing dandruff, moisturizing and providing volume, shine and strength.

How can customers give continuity?

This range can still be used at home. Thanks to the fact that the ingredients of these products are of natural origin, care can be daily.

What advice would you give your patients when washing their hair with these alterations?

We recommend especially at the beginning, a daily use, without rubbing the scalp a lot and letting the product act for a few minutes.

Why do you recommend RAW Scalp balancing oil and how should it be applied correctly?

Because the ingredients that compose it are antiseptics and antioxidants. Two optimal properties to soothe irritation, fight dandruff, moisturize the scalp and provide shine and volume. In addition, it has an applicator that facilitates its use by depositing the content directly on the scalp and then gently massage it.

What has been the experience of your clients with the RAW Scalp treatment?

As we expected ... optimal and effective.

And finally ... what do you think will be the next hair trend with ingredients of natural origin?

Without a doubt, we believe that the next hair trend with ingredients of natural origin will be coloration.