Who has never used an Aloe vera leaf to heal a wound or a burn? Or have you heard the infinite medicinal benefits it contains for health and well-being?

In recent years, Aloe vera has also become one of the most demanded plants in cosmetics and hair care.

After reading this article and discovering all the advantages of Aloe vera for hair, the products that contain this wonderful plant will be your priority.

Natural plant, ideal remedy

Aloe vera, present around the world and with greater presence in South Africa, grows in semi-arid regions, in sandy soils or preferably in hot and desert areas. It resists long periods of drought without rainwater supply due to its storage of water in the trunk of the plant. And it allows you to retain 97% of the water you receive.

It is highly moisturizing thanks to its rich content in water, antioxidants and minerals. Therefore, it is one of the best known plants in the world.

In fact, thousands of years ago, in the time of the Egyptians, they already used Aloe Vera as a cosmetic product to beautify skin and hair. It was known as the plant of immortality. In other civilizations, it was considered a sacred and divine plant.

What properties does Aloe vera have for hair?

The gel that contains the Aloe leaf is the main active for the hair. It consists of 98% water and the rest, minerals, vitamins A, B, C and E. Its main properties for hair are the following:

  • Stops hair dryness  . Its high water levels hydrate deeply to end dry and frizzy hair.
  • Its moisturizing character helps maintain the natural oil of the scalp. So it acts as a fantastic conditioner  and leaves hair soft and shiny.
  • Accelerates and promotes hair growth  . The minerals and vitamins it contains allow rejuvenating the hair follicles. Which are responsible for providing for alopecia and baldness.
  • It provides elasticity  and prevents hair breakage  due to its chemical composition similar to that of keratin.
  • Repairs  dead skin cells in the scalp thanks to its proteolytic enzyme content.
  • Fights dandruff and prevents itchy  scalp.

Aloe vera in hair products

In hair care, the most common ways to find Aloe vera are:

  • Before shampoo: Sometimes it is advisable to brush and prepare the hair before being treated with another type of product so that it penetrates better at the root.
  • In the shampoo: It is ideal to use a shampoo that contains at least 11% aloe vera for maintenance and hair care. In addition, it is recommended to use it daily. The Shampoo Biolage Hydrasourceeliminate external damage your hair and help you feel a soft, healthy and moisturized hair.
  • In the conditioner: Using Aloe Vera as a conditioner is essential. The moisturizing effect of the Biolage Hydrasource conditioner for example, reduces frizz , controls hair and leaves it soft and shiny. If you have fine, dry hair, try the Hydrasource Aqua gel conditioner. The conditioner technology for fine gel hair provides light nutrition without root-to-tip oils. It will strengthen fragile strands, revitalize and give body to your straight hair.
  • In one treatment:  Have you heard of the Hydrasource Deep Treatment mask ? With Aloe vera and spirulina, it is applied to dry hair to get triple the hair of hydrated, twice as nourished and 70% less brittle. After 4 uses you will get a deep transformation, feeling the hair softer and more manageable.
  • In the haircutter: Curly and frizzy hairs have always been harder to master. The intense hydration provided by Aloe Vera will prevent them from becoming entangled and showing a dry appearance. The Dewy Moisture Mist Hydrasource Spray ends with dull and dull hair, also moisturizes and controls frizz.
  • To stimulate hair growth: One solution to prevent hair loss is to directly apply natural or gel aloe vera on the scalp. In this way, it will act on the follicles and provide them with the necessary nutrients to stimulate hair growth.


Still not having a hair product with Aloe vera? Take advantage of all the benefits of this natural plant because for us, it is essential for our Biolage formulas!