Black sesame and its great benefits for hair


Black sesame is popularly known for being in hamburger bread, as a topping  for salad, in sushi or pastries, among others. However, in recent years it has also taken center stage in the world of cosmetics. Do you know the benefits it brings in the hair? Discover them in this article!

Small and helpful seed

Sesame is a tiny white or black seed. Although sesame is currently grown around the world with a special presence in Latin America, it comes from a plant native to Africa and India.

The presence of white sesame is more common in gastronomy. It has a nutty taste and works very well to accompany sweet recipes. Black sesame, on the other hand, has a slightly bitter taste and is usually used mainly to make oil or for health benefits, including the capillary. Black sesame seeds have high levels of antioxidants  and unlike white, they contain a greater amount of protein . They are also rich in Vitamin B1, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Properties of black sesame in hair health

black sesame

If black sesame stands out in capillary health, it is due to its antioxidant character. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals of its seeds, it helps prevent hair breakage. And it creates a protective layer that prevents damage easily. In addition, it nourishes the hair without adding fat, moisturizes it, gives it shine and protects it from the sun.

If there is no time to prevent because the hair is already damaged, its antioxidant effect balances the harmful effects of the hair. In fact, black sesame is recommended for unruly, dry and hard to master hairs.


Where can we find it?

The Biolage RAW range offers products that contain this wonderful ingredient. Specifically, the Uplift Shampoo , which contains grapefruit and our star ingredient: black sesame. This shampoo is  perfect for fine hair without volume, since it manages to provide body and softness.

To achieve good results, it is important to apply it to damp hair and massage it, then rinse it with warm water. In a few minutes your hair will have the volume you want.

In addition, with this product you not only enhance the improvement of the quality of your hair, but also help the environment. Its composition is made with 71% natural ingredients and its packaging is 100% recyclable and recycled plastic.

You know, forget about cooking and see the incredible results that black sesame brings to your hair!