What properties does coconut have in hair care?


In addition to its unmistakable aroma, coconut has captivated the interest of many women being its great ally for hair care. But ... is it really effective or is it a myth? In this article we explain all the properties of coconut and how it contributes to hair care.


Tropical fruit, nutritional treasure

Coconut, of tropical origin and harvested from the most cultivated palm in the world, is one of the natural foods with the most nutritional potential from the point of view of health. Its dense nutrient profile makes it a  super hair food  and an indispensable ingredient in natural cosmetics.

In fact, since ancient times, places like India and Polynesia have been using coconut milk and oil for their care and beauty routines. Women use this vegetable-based fat to keep their hair silky, long and with a natural tone.

Coconut hair properties

What properties does coconut have for hair care?

Fat or saturated fatty acids are the main ingredient of coconut after water. Which acts as a potent fungicide. It prevents the appearance of lice, dermatitis or psoriasis and is a fabulous anti-dandruff treatment . In addition, the group of fatty acids are an essential source for the deep hydration of the fiber , they fight the damages that your hair suffers in your daily life sun, dryness, pollution ... and, incidentally, serve as a powerful detangler and conditioner, since they close the hair cuticle providing moisture and softness.

Coconut is also rich in protein, vitamins E and K, and nutrients such as magnesium, iron and potassium. Protein molecules penetrate the root of the hair. They repair the tissues from the inside, restructuring the roots and strengthening the hair to prevent it from being weak, dry or brittle.

Vitamins E and K are a powerful antioxidant. They have a restorative and revitalizing effect, since they protect the hair and nourish it deeply. Therefore, they stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

The nutrients and minerals contained in coconut are also essential to treat dry scalp and hair. They will provide nutrition, shine and softness.

Coconut in hair care products

In hair care, the most common way to find coconut is in essential oil or milk. Do you know how they differ?

Coconut oil

It is extracted from the dried pulp of the coconut. It is the highest source of fatty acids that we have available after breast milk. Thanks to its properties, it is ideal for:

  • Very dry and fragile hair: Condition the hair in depth and get more shine and softness. Check our Nourish conditioner .
  • Fine and volumeless hair:  Condition without adding weight and add volume.

Coconut milk

It is obtained by squeezing the pulp of the coconut once crushed. It stands out for the high presence of lauric acid, being the most dominant in the composition of fatty acids. Thanks to its nature, it helps close the cuticle leaving hair healthy and shiny. Coconut milk is ideal for:

  • Colored hair:  Our  Color Care range with nutritious coconut milk rich in antioxidants, will provide a tenacious shine and lasting color vibration.
  • Any type of hair:  Protects hair and keeps it healthy from day one.

If you have a professional salon, you can apply our Milk Rinse after coloring. It has an acidic pH which helps close the cuticle and restores vitality to the hair from the first wash .


For all this, coconut is one of our favorite ingredients and essential for our sustainable Biolage RAW formulas! And you? What are you waiting for to start using this nutritional treasure?