The kiwi, beyond its unique and exotic flavor, has very beneficial qualities for the hair. Are you ready to discover the amazing properties of kiwi?

Small but extraordinary

When they say that good things come in small packages, in the case of kiwi it is completely true.

Kiwi Properties

Among its many properties, it should be noted that it serves to filter the sun's rays; so, those who are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, do not forget to eat kiwi !; It also fights anemia, helps the immune system and increases defenses, thanks to its high content of antioxidants, vitamin C and folic acid, which contributes to the absorption of iron.

In addition, kiwi contains a lot of fiber. This is why it is said that eating kiwi improves intestinal transit and digestion. It also brings great benefits to the skin and for this reason it is used in cosmetics, mainly due to its rejuvenating effect. Prevents the appearance of acne, skin spots and wrinkles.

But ... how does kiwi work in the hair?

You would be surprised at the amount of formulas that kiwi is used for hair products, since it is a great ally, especially for thin and brittle hair . Why? We explain it to you below:

  • Regenerates  the hair thanks to its antioxidant vitamin C content that promotes the formation of collagen.
  • Promotes hair growth  by stimulating hair follicles for its rich iron content that improves blood circulation.
  • Hydrates hair thanks to omega-3 fatty acid, perfect for dry hair!
  • Nourishes  in depth without adding weight.
  • Protects  the hair from the sun's rays.
  • Maintains the natural color of the hair for longer  , thus preventing aging.
  • Reduces the appearance of dandruff and eczema .

All these benefits can be found in hair products  that contain this wonderful exotic fruit. A perfect example would be the Uplift Conditioner of our Biolage RAW range, which contains the water extracted from the pulp of kiwi grown in Italy and Kaolin clay, another safe bet for the improvement of hair health.

The Uplift conditioner is  ideal for those fine hair that lack natural volume . Are you looking to have more body and stop having boring hair? Well, this is your product! You will quickly and efficiently have a mane with volume . Leave it on for a couple of minutes after washing your hair and rinse with plenty of warm water (avoid hot water).

With Uplift from Biolage RAW, in addition to taking care of your hair as it deserves, you will help the environment, because 97% of its ingredients are of natural origin and 100% of the packaging is recyclable and recycled plastic.

If we have not yet convinced you, dare to try it and you will see the result in a short time!