Quinoa, a powerful ingredient for hair


Quinoa is not only a superfood with multiple nutritional benefits, but it can also be a great ally for your hair.


This seed that originally comes from Latin America, where most of the producing countries are located, has a multitude of properties and is a source of a large amount of nutrients. Therefore, in recent years, it has become a fundamental ingredient in the diet of many people concerned about their diet.

But, quinoa, is not only beneficial for your health, it is also for the health of your hair, since it is an excellent source of protein for him. Not only does it provide hydration and restore split ends, it also repairs, conditions and protects hair making it more silky, easy to untangle and shiny.

Generally, the bran or peel (the envelope that protects the grain) is removed before consuming the quinoa but, we, consider it a premium ingredient that, taken from the real quinoa, contains a large amount of saponins (natural cleaning agents ). At Biolage we obtain the bran through a responsible supply chain in collaboration with farmers in Bolivia and make sure that the entire process to obtain the extract is ecologically responsible.


Biolage, for the protection and conservation of quinoa

Biolage has a project that provides support to farmers for the production of organic and sustainable food in the highlands of Bolivia, in the areas of Uyuni and Potosí, where agricultural land is located.

Our goal is to increase crop yields and farmers' livelihoods, to reduce the impact on the environment (water and soil) and improve local biodiversity, by planting native species and thus preventing soil erosion.

This project allows us to ensure access to a high quality quinoa or bran husk through a secure and sustainable supply chain, while promoting organic farming of the royal quinoa in Bolivia.

Biolage RAW Nourish for dry and dull hair

The shampoo of the Nourish treatment range from Biolage RAW is formulated based on quinoa and honey husks, which provide great nutrition to the hair. Its use combined with the conditioner of the same line, which has kaolin and coconut clay, revitalizes dehydrated and lifeless hair for intensive nutrition.