How can we take care of dyed hair?


In a coloration the treatment given to the hair during the color process is as important as the one after. In this article we explain everything you have to know to have a dyed and healthy hair from day one.

Why is hair damaged in a coloration?

To know how to care for dyed hair, it is important the process which shows the hair in a coloration.


How to care for dyed hair

The hair consists mainly of three layers. The innermost is the medulla, present in the thickest hairs. The cortex or also called the cortex, is the intermediate layer where the pigment or melanin is fixed, which determines the color of the hair. Finally, the cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair fiber and that gives it a good appearance.

To make a dye or a discoloration, the hair cuticle is opened so that the color molecules penetrate into the cortex and remain as long as possible. In this process, the cuticle loses cohesion and resistance. Which makes the hair more fragile and porous, lose shine and make hair difficult.

In addition, the discoloration  is carried out with an oxidant that destroys the melanin  and alters the structure of the keratin, damaging both the cuticle and the cortex.


Can you have dyed and healthy hair?

Of course! Following these recommendations you will make dyed hair bright, flexible and faithful to you from day one. In addition, having healthy hair will help maintain lasting color.


  • Choose a special shampoo for dyed hair

Use a shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair. Its soft formulas hydrate the fiber in depth and help prevent loss of shine. It is preferable to use a range that contains acid, as this helps to close the hair cuticle while providing lightness and a healthy appearance.

Discover our Biolage RAW Color Care range Its acid content smoothes and closes the cuticle maintaining the brightness and vitality of the color from the first wash.

  • Hydration is essential

The secret to fighting a rough, dull and dull mane is to keep it as hydrated as possible. Use the conditioner in each wash and a mask twice a week. They are ideal for keeping hair nourished and combating hair dryness It is also advisable to apply dry, an oil that contains coconut such  as Leave Oil - Renew from Biolage.

  • Protect it against heat

High temperatures are not favorable for dyed hair. Limit the use of dryers, irons and tongs to prevent the hair fiber from suffering more. Using these styling tools causes the color to go out and lose all brightness. Let the hair dry naturally whenever possible or on the contrary, always use a thermal protector . As for example, our Heat Styling Primer Color Care by Biolage RAW

  • The importance of washing

Avoid the hot shower (even if it's tempting) when you have to wash your hair. Hot water helps open the hair cuticle, which will cause color loss more quickly. Try to wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week and use cold to warm water to wash it.

  • The hairstyle is a ritual

There is no more natural way to take care of the cuticles  than by brushing the hair from the roots to the tips to spread the sebum. Comb the hair in the morning and at night. And if you are going to wash it, you can also do it just before using the shampoo.

On the contrary, an abuse of brushing can cause the loss of the cuticle  due to the swelling of the hair fiber after coloring.

  • Adopt a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients and vitamins is beneficial for your body, but also for your hair. Eat foods that contain vitamin C and biotin to get a healthier, stronger and brighter scalp.

  • Take a rest

Coloring is an aggressive hair process that needs very special care. Try to rest from the color or dye as long as possible. According to experts it is not advised to dye the hair again until 6 - 8 weeks since the last coloring.


Follow these steps and once you find your perfect color, you can keep your hair healthy from day one. Welcome bright and flexible hair with the tone you want!