The beach hairstyles you'll look perfect


When summer comes, there is no beach to resist us! Sunbathing, swimming and, ultimately, relaxing near the sea is one of our favorite activities. But ... What do we do with the hair?

The salt of the sea water, the sand, the wind, the chlorine of the pool and, to top it all, combined with the sunscreen of our skin, makes it impossible to go to the beach combed and stay perfect. But calm down! In this article we show you some simple and quick tricks of beach hairstyles that you can do yourself in a few minutes. And yes, they are undoubtedly the best options to not stress and enjoy the summer season like never before.


The one of a lifetime: the ponytail

Hairstyles-for-the-beachThis hairstyle is one of the simplest , but at the same time it is one of the ones that offers the most possibilities. In just a minute you are combed and ready to go.

There are many pigtails: high, medium (also known as horsetail) or low. In short, there are pigtails for all tastes and moments of the day. Also, it doesn't have to be perfectly combed! The slightly disheveled pigtails are very natural  and are a trend.

You can also use a handkerchief to cover the rubber and give it a modern and very chic touch Any option is perfect! If your hair tends to curl, and more with sea water and wind, use the Frizz Control Styling Spray . It is quickly applied to damp hair and makes you almost completely forget about the existence of frizz.


A thousand and one hairstyles: braids

The diversity of hairstyles that braids offer you is almost unique. In addition to being very comfortable because they collect all your hair so that it does not bother you even with the wind, you can swim as much as you want and always remain  intact when you get out of the water.

With root braids, either one or two, in a few minutes you have managed to collect all your hair and not have to worry until you get home. If you are one of those who  do sports on the beach,  boxer braids are your best option. Not a hair out that can bother you!

The braid of herringbone is another ideal alternative, especially if you have long hair, it is super beautiful and gives you a sophisticated touch.


Neither everything nor anything: the semi-picked


First, pick up the hair from the upper half of the head. With this section of hair, you can make one or two bows, a ponytail, a braid ... The rest of the hair, let it loose, wave it slightly and apply the Texturizing Styling Spray with which you can get some natural surfer waves and without weighing down more weather.

If you have short hair , and you can't do too many hairstyles for the beach, the semi-pick will be the right choice. In addition, you can give it your personal touch using a rubber with print.



Faster than a rocket: The bun

If it is  very hot , there is nothing better than a bun. It leaves your face and neck clear and is super fast to do.

Like the previous hairstyles for the beach, you have several possibilities: high dancer style bun, low bun and leaving a few strands on the fringe loose to give a more casual touch, disheveled and loose or more polished bun ... And if you think a bun is It is not enough, add  a handkerchief and give it a different touch.

With this hairstyle, it is true that, if you have frizzy hair, you usually continue to notice unless you have it wet. Luckily there are products such as Dewy Moisture Mist Hydrasource , which not only controls frizz but also brings shine. And it is also perfect for those with dry hair!



With all these beach hairstyles, it is essential to take care and protect the hair from exposure to UVA rays, sea water or chlorine.

The protector Sunsorials Spray is a refreshing treatment that leaves your hair clean and natural, you can always take it with you and aplicártelo both on wet or dry hair.

Now, with these tricks and hairstyles, you only have to go to the beach and enjoy!