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Masks to the side that come the clays with more force than ever! Ready to discover the power of clays in your hair?

Do you know what clays are?

We are not referring to that clay clay of some Mediterranean beach, with which we have all been smeared more than once, that leave the skin soft and that our grandmothers recommended throwing us away. Here, we will talk about natural clays for hair. Yes, yes, you read correctly! Clays such as lava or Kaolin are a very effective remedy to care for and repair both hair and scalp.

Why are clays powerful?

The properties of hair clays are amazing. They are the perfect remedy for hair health, treat imbalances that directly affect our hair. They are able to restore strength to our hair, maintain their natural shine and elasticity , as well as rebuild, promote growth and regulate sebum production.

hair clays

How can we apply clays?

Hair clay is used as a product of our usual care, such as a shampoo or conditioner. Eliminates waste and provides mineral oils that make hair look healthy and shiny .

One of the advantages of using hair clays is their naturalness. If you are looking for products with ingredients of natural origin, this is undoubtedly a very good option.

Depending on the type of clay and depending on your hair type, they can treat one problem or another. Some clays can help you prevent hair loss, while with others you will prevent the appearance of dandruff or provide more hydration to your hair.

For what type of hair are clays ideal?

Clays are very good for oily hair , especially in the root zone, since with its absorbent properties you will be  able to regulate sebum production, which is responsible for generating all that uncomfortable fat in the scalp .

Did you know that the natural clays of Biolage RAW have a content of 95% of ingredients of natural origin? We have one for every need:


Hair clays


This clay contains shea butter and Moroccan lava clay, which condition and provide hydration. It is ideal for dry and dull hair , so it serves to restore the natural shine of your hair and give it life.


Hair clays


It contains kaolin clay and bee panel and is perfect for sensitive and fragile hair . With this clay based on these two elements you will be able to restore your hair, in addition to conditioning it and recover its natural strength.


Hair clays


Composed of kaolin and ginger clay, it is perfect for hair without volume and very fine . It will bring texture and body to your hair, looking healthier and full of life.

Each type of clay is used to treat a specific weakness of your scalp, so if you need to solve your problem quickly and naturally, you're in luck, here is your most natural option!

How should we use clays?

It is very easy and fast , you just have to apply the product so that you cover from the roots to the tips. Use it after washing your hair. Wait about 5 minutes for it to act properly and then rinse with plenty of warm water.

In addition, and not least, you can give your recyclable plastic containers a second life .


  1. hair claysDispose of them in the appropriate container , preventing them from ending up in a landfill and not being recycled correctly.
  2. They can be your next planters . In addition to helping the environment, you can give an original touch to your decoration.

If you are still not sure what to use to improve the appearance of your hair, take advantage of these clays, ideal for each type of hair and with ingredients of natural origin.