Do you know that are the wedding hairstyles in trend?


In an event as important as a wedding, you can not miss one of the key elements to get a good look: the hairstyle! Whether you are the bride or a guest and want to look perfect from head to toe, in this article we explain what wedding hairstyles are a trend, and in addition to going to the last, they are very easy to do!

The semi collected

Wedding Hairstyles

Although it seems simple, in many cases, less is more . A soft or more marked waves,  which give body and volume to your hair, accompanied by a semi collected, can be the ideal choice. To achieve these casual waves you can use a product that prevents caking and gives you the necessary texture , such as Texturizing Styling Spray

If you prefer, you can include in the hairstyle some accessory, such as small flowers, a headdress or a pin.



Low bun

A whole classic. Like the waves, it is one of the wedding hairstyles with which it is difficult not to get it right. There are a thousand and one ways to make this bun: crossing the strands, making a rolled braid, with straight and gummed hair or leaving a few strands in the front. All forms are valid, you just have to find the one you like best and the one that best suits you.

You can also add an ornament or a touch of shine, which ends the look . This type of hairstyle is ideal if you wear a dress, a jumpsuit or a blouse with a bare back.


A braid

One of the wedding hairstyles with more possibilities. A braid can be accompanied by a bun, a semi collected, a ponytail, make a crown with them or why not, give it all the prominence and leave it alone.

A braid of root, or herringbone, slightly broken, can be an option more than right for the bride or a guest. In addition, this hairstyle allows you to combine it with all possible sets.

And how it is very likely that during the day some hairs are released, we can avoid frizz with the Frizz Control Styling Spray spray .

A ponytail

We can think, can I take a ponytail to a wedding? You would be surprised at the endless possibilities offered by this hairstyle. The ponytail can be worn in multiple ways, and one that is very fashionable is the high ponytail with open bangs. First, we can curl the hair to give greater volume and movement to the mane. Once the hair is collected, we can hide the rubber with a lock of hair, to give it a more elegant touch. If what we want is a longer ponytail or with more hair, you can always add extensions and hide them very easily. Are you one of those who do not get too complicated with hairstyles? Well, this hairstyle is yours, comfortable and never goes out of style!

Loose hair with headband

For weddings in pure boho style,  a crown of flowers combined with soft waves that will give you a somewhat casual and fresh feeling is never too much. The Replenish Oil Mist is ideal for a perfect finish, since its formula composed of different oils will give you even softer and brighter hair.


With these ideas, we are convinced that you will look perfect at the wedding. And, in addition, with the best possible care!